What is “Pesco LuegoExisto”?

Excellent gift for you and for others

PESCO LUEGOEXISTO born from the need for a change of life of an entrepreneur. After several phases of internal reflection, makes the final decision to completely change a way of life, to escape from a life model created by a society that pushes follow a marked standards. MISSION and VALUES: transfer to others personal enjoyment and passion of sail, sea and fishing, respecting the environment and promoting fun and personal, group and / or family enjoyment.

"PESCO LUEGOEXISTO" want to share with family, friends and why not yourself, the passion of its founder for small-scale fishing, sailing and fascination with the sea. The AIM of Pesco LuegoExisto is the gift of a different day, spend some time relaxing, and simply enjoy a pleasant day and to remember.

With regard to the entrepreneur, he is a young man with a degree in science branch, always engaged in their work and professional activities related to environment. Affable, funny, cheerful, innocent and social person, (sometimes a bit impatient and impetuous) connected and attracted by nature who believes he has discovered his gift: have others to enjoy

I would like to introduce myself: My name is Oscar and I would love to give you an endearing day



Como hemos disfrutado del maravilloso regalo de cumple de Marc a sido una experiencia fantástica!….


Experiencia fantástica

Tweet: Activitat molt recomanable. El tracte del patró és fantàstic!

Silvia May Casas

Activitat molt recomanable

Papa, avui és el millor dia de la meva vida. Que guay això d’anar en barca navegar i pescar, oi?

Pol – 8 anys

El millor dia de la meva vida

Buenísima la experiencia!! Supercompleta, a los niños les ha encantado los regalos y yo no había pescado nunca!. Ahora solo falta perfeccionar la técnica de tiro de anzuelo…


Buenísima Experiencia

Us estic MOLT agraït per la gran experiència que vam viure plegats. Per mi tot un luxe…un dia de mar, amb pesca, atenció exquisita i personal rodejat al mateix temps d’amics…crec q no es pot demanar més, solsament poder repetir-ho i recomenar-ho a tothom.



Relax total

Actividad muy recomendable como alternativa si quieres salir de la monotoneidad. Lo pasamos increíble en familia. Fantástico, repetiremos. Gracias Captain


Gran día

My Mom is about to turn senior age, and me and my Big Sis decided to make a present for her while being on a holiday in Catelldefels, Spain. After some looking for a proer company, we were extremely lucky to find Pesco LuegoExisto. Our skipper’s name was Oscar, and, speaking ahead, it was the best day ever. What I shall mention above all – Oscar does speak English, which was quite convenient, as non of us spoke Catalon or Spanish. Also, before going to the facst, I want to say we were truly lucky: Oscar is an amazing person, with biggest heart I’ve seen so far. He was SOOOOOO attentive to the smallest of our need, we felt like we were part of his’ family!!! All that was needed for a fishing been already on board: fishing rods, baits, snacks, life-jackets, etc. Booking went very smooth, all our wishes were heard. At the day of fishing Oscar generously offered us a ride from our apartments (Marfina, Castelldefels) to Port Ginesto, to his’ boat. And our Best Day begun. First we were catching on move, and got few quite nice mackerel. After about hour of moving, we stopped and begun to catch on bait. Around that time Oscar offered us some snacks (hamon, bread, different kind of sausage). For those, who wished (like me for example) it was also offfered open-see swimming. My nephew got a life-jacket, and could swam too. During whole fishing Oscar made few photos, which he then shared with us, in the end of the day (printed). Finally, after we caught enough to make ourselves dinner, Oscar sailed boat alongside coastal line, to show us Sitges and Garraf. Our fishing started at 9.00am and ended at 14.00. But till the very next day, both my Mom and Sis continued talks about Oscar and fishing. His’ generousity, attention to us really touched us. And at the end of whole holiday, my Mom said, that fishing brought to her most vivid and remarkable memories of all our trip to Catelldefels. Oscar, once again: THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!


Experiencia inigualable